• Law Firm Marketing 
  • Business Development
  • Law Firm Branding

Law Firm Marketing (Legal Marketing) is about making lawyers better hunters by first developing and then implementing strategies, plans, and tactics to increase their promotion, to get more business.

Law Firm Business Development  helps lawyers and law firms analyze which practice areas are more profitable than others and develop strategic plans to create new practice areas. Law firm business development is about creating hew hunting grounds.


Law Firm Branding is about making your law firm unique and memorable, before clients need legal services.

  • Law Firm Turnarounds
  • Referral Chains™
  • Sales Training for Lawyers

We have done Law Firm Turnarounds, working with managing partners to fix a number of process, staff, remuneration, training, and marketing problems. We have a big track record of large-scale change management at McCarthy TetraultKPMG, and CN Railway.


We have helped a number of lawyers in Toronto and Vancouver set up effective, mutually beneficial Referral Chains™ with lawyers in complementary practice areas to refer work among each other.


Sales Training for Lawyers, partners and associates helps turn initial consultations (ICs) into signed retainer agreements. 

  • Law Firm Websites
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Legal Blogs

At The Legal A Team, we start the process of building Law Firm Websites with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In fact, we specialize in organic Search Engine Optimization. This is the better way to build websites for law firms so they get found on Google, allowing even very small law firms or solo lawyers to compete. 

Legal Blogging by The Legal A Team can help lawyers write effective legal blogs that get read, create buzz, and increase your law firm's reputation. We have managed and edited articles and blogs on family law, family mediation, personal injury, wills & estates law, tax law, and more.


  • Media Relations
  • Media Training

Media Relations for lawyers and law firms is about getting lawyers interviewed in newspapers, magazines, websites, TV, and radio. At The Legal A Team, we get our lawyer and law firm clients in the media regularly. No other public relations agency or law firm marketing agency gets more news coverage for its clients. Click on Relentless Results for clients. And, Client Testimonials.

We provide Media Training to our lawyer and law firm clients as well as ongoing Media Coaching and preparation before each interview, especially a television or radio interview. We help our lawyer clients with lighting, wardobe, props, and shaping the message with "sound bites with substance." 

  • Public Relations
  • Community Relations

Public Relations for law firms is about establishing a great reputation before clients and prospects even need your legal services. Legal public relations is about establishing, promoting, protecting, and sometimes salvaging the reputation of a law firm.

Public Relations for lawyers is about:


  • Advocacy and Thought Leadership that point the way for stewardship of the legal profession;

  • Writing articles, to share your views and legal expertise;

  • Writing White Papers to show how the legal profession can change and adapt in the future; 

  • Speeches and presentations;

  • Sponsorships; and

  • Community Relations.

A law firm crisis is about responding to the media even when you don't have all the facts, about not looking evasive, and about answering THE questions asked, A law firm crisis can make or break your law firm. A law firm crisis will put you suddenly in the media for all the wrong reasons. 


The Legal A Team has handled many crises over decades including: the named partner of a law firm who embezzled client funds and law firm partnership dissolutions. 

Litigation Support is about strategy and anticipating what will happen next in high profile cases and trials, helping law firm clients win in court—and the court of public opinion.

  • Law Firm Crises
  • Litigation Support


*According to The National Post


The Legal A Team is a law firm marketing and law firm public relations agency. We are relentless about law firm business development, legal marketing, and legal public relations for our clients. Our services also include: law firm turnarounds, law firm branding, law firm website design, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for law firms. We love working with lawyers who want to lead, not follow.


We work exclusively with lawyers and law firms in greater Toronto, across Ontario, and throughout Canada,  including Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, Montreal, and Halifax. In the United States, we have worked with attorneys in Atlanta, Palo Alto, Dallas, Raleigh-Durham, Detroit, and Washington, D.C


The Legal A Team has combined experience of more than 100 years. We understand how law firms are managed. We understand how to motivate lawyers to affect positive change. We have worked for some of Canada's largest law firms, including McCarthy Tetrault and Faskens. We have smaller firm focus and big firm experience. 

Relentless Results™


Every month, receive information on topics like these and more:
  • How to maximize your billable hours

  • Why simplicity, repetition and the right "hunting grounds" are key to effective law firm marketing

  • What is the best time to market?

  • Where and how to expand your practice 

  • Why your prospects can't find your website on Google—and how to fix it

  • How to deal with reporters covering your case or trial







Public relations client Allison Speigel, of Speigel Nichols Fox LLP, wrote an Op-Ed explaining that our civil justice system was already in distress before the COVID-19 pandemic, published on April 23, 2020, by Canadian Lawyer Magazine.


Law firm public relations client Ismail Ibrahim, of Toronto's Bay Street business law firm Robins Appleby LLP, was quoted in and article that the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) may not be enough to help some tenants with rent during COVID-19 in a Global News story on April 29, 2020


Law firm marketing client Margaret O'Sullivan, of O'Sullivan Estate Lawyers, was quoted in this Canadian Press article syndicated across Canada about online wills and COVID-19 on May 14, 2020. This clip is from The Globe and Mail.    


Get our "A Game" working for your law firm.

Just howl.


We work with lawyers and law firms in the Greater Toronto area, across Ontario, and throughout Canada, and for American attorneys in the United States. 


For inquiries, questions or to get the conversation started, please call: (416) 831-9154, email us, or fill out this form.


Are you, or your clients, in the media for all the wrong reasons?

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We offer law firm Marketing and law firm Public Relations interships to qualified candidates. To apply for an internship with The Legal A Team, please email us a cover letter together with your C.V. or resume.

Our 2015 intern was Ava Nicole Williams, who is changing the way that Police forces across Canada deal with sexual assault victims and has caused 37,272 cases to be re-opened. Ava completed a public relations degree then went on to law school at Western University in London, Ontario.

Ava Williams started as an associate at personal injury firm Thomson Rogers in summer 2019. Congratulations, Ava! 

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