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Jasmine Daya & Co.

Law Firm Public Relations Establishes Niche Practice in Personal Injury Law

Client from: Spring 2018 to Spring 2019

Jasmine Daya, principal lawyer of Jasmine Daya & Co., is a Toronto personal injury lawyer practicing in the Yonge Street-St. Clair Avenue area. Admitted to the Law Society of Ontario (LSO) in 2006, Jasmine made the decision early on to focus on personal injury law. She likes the immediacy of helping people who have been injured; they need the help and as a personal injury lawyer, she has the power to help restore some measure of normalcy to their lives.

She made the decision early on to focus in four niche areas within Personal Injury:  1) club assaults, particularly those involving bouncers or nightclub security;  2) bullying, cyberbullying, and elder abuse which are developing areas in the civil law context;  3) claims involving minors; and 4) personal injury claims arising from landlord negligence.

She also does fatality claims and catastrophic claims involving motor vehicle accidents. 

Jasmine Daya & Co. have been clients of The Legal A Team since May 2018. We assist the firm with overall reputation management through public relations, as well as media relations, to get the firm editorial coverage in respected news media.


With more than a decade of experience in personal injury law, Jasmine Daya is not the new kid on the block. She has seen first-hand how big insurance companies do not honour an insurance policy. Policy holders believe they will be covered if they have an accident; they are shocked to learn that their insurers look for ‘ways and means’ to disallow claims of policyholders. Unable to work and pay their bills, frequently in physical and emotional pain, personal injury clients are out of time and are cornered into accepting far less than they are entitled to.

And yet, the image of personal injury lawyers as ‘ambulance chasers’ persists. That’s problem Number One.

Problem Number Two is that in Greater Toronto, personal injury law is hyper-competitive—and this carries over into advertising, too. The average price for Google Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising in personal injury for 2018 was almost $130. That’s $130 spent every time someone clicks on your ad. They may not get past your Landing Page. They may not send you an email or phone you. But you’ve spent that $130. You need very deep pockets to compete with some of the ‘big gorillas’ in personal injury in Toronto.

In Jasmine Daya’s favour, she is a woman of many interests. She is also the author of two books, A Law Girl’s Bump in the Road and JD in the Kitchen, both published in 2018.

The Legal A Team’s advice to Jasmine Daya and Co. was to ‘go to market’ as a whole person, meaning to talk about and write about all the things that are important to Jasmine Daya. What does she stand for, and why?

This approach would clearly signal that Jasmine is not just a leading personal injury lawyer in Greater Toronto, but also that she is multi-dimensional and cares about the same issues her clients do. She is a real human being with depth, experience, genuine concern, warmth, and a desire to do good while doing the right thing.


This holistic approach would tell prospective clients and current clients that Jasmine is a well-rounded person, a mother concerned about children’s safety, well-being, anti-bullying, and nutrition, about women’s issues in the legal profession, a personal injury lawyer who wants to not only advocate for her clients, but also to take on ‘big establishment’ issues of Big Insurance firms.

The Legal A Team arranged for Jasmine Daya to become a regular contributor to The Lawyer’s Daily, the flagship publication of LexisNexis in Canada.

And she is a pretty savvy business woman, too, something that is not taught to lawyers in any Canadian law school. She bought and did a complete turnaround of the law firm where she first articled. 

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