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Media Relations for Law Firms & Media Training

The Bank of Goodwill, where savvy lawyers make regular deposits to safeguard their reputation. 
Because you never know when you will need a large withdrawal, such as a law firm crisis.

Media Relations for Law Firms


What is good Media Relations for law firms? And what isn't?

Getting quoted in an article or interviewed on TV happens through media relations. Media relations is the art of working with reporters and editors, as well as TV and radio producers to get editorial coverage for lawyers and law firms of newsworthy events. 


Good media relations is the flip-side of journalism. It's finding THE stories that:

a) people want to read about
b) journalists want to write about

c) help journalists to do their jobs. 

Media relations is more art than science: experience matters as does a broad network of journalists who trust the media relations professional to deliver great stories and story ideas.


We get our lawyer and law firm clients quoted often in the media because we work with them to develop insight and commentary in reaction to important news and issues. 


  • Media relations is not about fake news.

  • Media relations is not about frivolous news releases.

  • Media relations is not about publicity stunts.

  • Media relations is not about "spin."

Smart lawyers and law firms realize that there is huge value in building goodwill with their law partners, associates, employees, clients, suppliers, and regulators. 


By putting so many "deposits" into the "Bank of Goodwill," lawyers and law firms are building public relations equity. Why? Well, you never know when you'll need a large withdrawal—namely, a PR crisis. 

​Click here if you're in a Law Firm Crisis.  


Getting Lawyers in the News: Get More Buzz 

It never gets old or tired. It is always exciting to be interviewed and quoted in the media: newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, and news websites. 

"We're in the news!!" 


Increasingly, lawyers and law firms are recognizing the value of media relations as part of their marketing mix. Here are 5 good reasons why:

  1. Editorial coverage has a higher credibility factor than advertising. While not everything you read is gospel, no one reads newspapers and magazines for the advertising. Everyone changes the channel when the commercials come on. 

  2. Those lawyers who are quoted in the media are seen as subject matter experts by readers and viewers. 

  3. Every day, TV and radio programs as well as traditional print publications and web publications are filled with lawyers and law firms being quoted. Those quotes can be yours—or your competition's.

  4. Dollar-for-dollar, media relations is much more cost-effective than advertising

  5. Google puts a premium on backlinks from real media organizations to lawyers' websites. If you are good enough to get quoted by the real media, that's good enough for Google. 


Track Record of Getting Lawyers in the News


The Legal A Team's Jana Schilder has an enviable track record of getting lawyers and law firms quoted in the media. She has been doing media relations for lawyers and law firms for more than 20 years:

  • For one client, a tax lawyer, she was able to get a number of radio interviews and article placements when the Canadian federal government wanted to change tax laws that would affect families, entrepreneurs, and doctors. 



  • For another client, she re-established the law firm’s reputation over a 7-year span as the preeminent business law firm with clients and prospects in the city in which it did business. 

  • Our media relations client Darryl Singer, a civil and commercial litigation lawyer in Markham, Ontario, was determined to talk about his anxiety, depression and subsequent addiction to OxyContin to encourage other lawyers to seek treatment. He wrote this Op-Ed for The Globe and Mail

Media Relations Training for Lawyers

We help lawyers learn how to work with the news media. Our training demystifies the media and allows you to make sure that your message is not only heard, but understood.


The Legal A Team’s media training includes:


  • Explaining how reporters work and ways you can help them do their job to your advantage.

  • Why some stories have so much sticking power. Others, not so much.

  • How to answer questions without seeming evasive or “slick.”

  • Using word pictures so reporters and their readers or viewers can “see” what you’re telling them.

  • How to disarm an antagonistic journalist and win them over to your side.

  • How to use numbers effectively without drowning your audience in data.

  • Becoming a reporter’s “go to” source in the future.

  • We teach you how to craft "sound bites with subtance."


Media training is critical so you can shine when the spotlight is on you.


How our Media Training is Different


  • We do not set out to scare our clients.

  • We teach clients to answer THE question asked.

  • We want audiences to believe you are honest, not evasive.

  • We want our clients to be so interesting that audiences DO NOT change the channel.

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