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Jana Schilder, Law Firm Marketing & Law Firm Media Relations

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Law Firm Marketing Experience

Jana has been a law firm marketing and law firm public relations professional for more than 30 years. She knows law firm marketing, from developing strategies and plans, to flawless implementation of tactics. She has never taken a "cookie cutter" approach to law firm marketing—each of The Legal A Team's clients is unique and we take a customized approach to each client. Each law firm marketing client has different goals, strengths, time available for marketing, and budget.

When it comes to law firm media relations, she knows what attracts the news media’s attention—she has a “nose for news.” This insight comes from experience.


She has been doing law firm marketing and legal public relations since 1993 when she was director of marketing at McCarthy Tetrault, one of Canada's largest national law firms.

Equally important, she understands how media coverage contributes to a law firm’s business success, helping to increase mindshare—or client share—and most importantly, profitable revenue.


Media Relations, a sub-set of public relations, is a popular service among Jana’s clients. Working with reporters, editors, and TV and radio producers, Media Relations aims to get editorial coverage for clients of newsworthy events. Media Relations for law firms is increasingly popular because law firms realize that no one reads newspapers and magazines for the advertising.


Legal Marketing Track Record

For three years, Jana has been doing the law firm marketing for the Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario (FDRIO), helping to establish family mediation, family arbitration, and med-arb as the better and more cost-effective choice for separating spouses and common-law partners rather than the court-based route or a family law trial. 

She led the turnaround for a Mississauga law firm whose initial consults had slipped and put in place a number of marketing, public relations, and networking processes, as well as giving the firm a new public image through a refreshed website. 

She developed the branding for a cyber security firm that works closely with lawyers and law firms across Canada.


Legal Public Relations Track Record

After working with a Canadian tax law firm for three years, she is able to get 40+ media articles and interviews annually in major newspapers, law publications, television and radio across Canada. Leveraging technology such as Skype and Apple Facetime, this client routinely does media interviews from their office in the Caribbean. And, she does this without issuing a single news release or fact sheet. 

She established a civil litigator who cares deeply about lawyers' mental health and addiction issues as the wellness columnist for The Lawyer's Daily, one of Canada's best known legal suppliers and publishers. 

For another client, a business law firm in Mississauga, she established the firm’s reputation over a 7-year span, as the pre-eminent business law firm in the region. 

Depth of Law Firm Marketing Knowledge

Jana has been working with law firms since 1993, when she was director marketing and communication at McCarthy Tetrault, then the largest of Canada’s national law firms.


At McCarthy's, she led a number of "firsts":  

  • Established the firm's first speaker training program

  • Initiated the first media relations program

  • Started the firm's first regular advertising program

  • Re-branded the firm

  • Overhauled all 20 of the firm's publications to fit within the new brand

  • Launched the McCarthy brand for Public-Private Partnerships, together with PriceWaterhouseCoopers

  • Started a monthly Marketing Newsletter for partners, lawyers, associates and support staff

  • Launched the firm's first website in 1995

Law Firm Marketing Columnist

Jana writes on law firm marketing for The Lawyer's Daily, published by LexisNexis Canada. 


Jana wrote the entire section on "PR for Lawyers and Law Firms" for LexisNexis in 2014, for Lexis Practice Advisor (LPA). It is comprised of 18 modules and contains 12,000 words.


Jana has written for The Law Times on the future of e-Discovery as well as the lack of preparation by organizations to deal with the volume demands of e-Discovery.

She also writes for on law firm marketing, law firm public relations, legal reputation management, and culture change in law firms. 


Jana also writes for The Toronto Law Office Management Association (TLOMA)


Jana is a writer for Legal Ink Magazine, based in San Diego, California.

Law Firm Marketing Speaker

Jana has spoken to audiences at:

Federation of Ontario Law Associations (FOLA),

Insight Conferences,
The Canadian Institute, and
the Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario (FDRIO)

Jana can be reached at (416) 831-9154 or by email

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