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Molyneaux Law

How law firm marketing, law firm public relations, and law firm website management are growing a small law firm

Hamilton employment law firm and labour law firm Molyneaux Law was started by Sarah Molyneaux in January 2018. She was admitted to the Bar just four years prior, in 2014.

Sarah is a self-described feminist practicing employment and human rights law in Hamilton. The firm focuses on the challenges that women, LGBTQ folks and parents face at work, including sexual harassment and pregnancy or parental leave discrimination, and on providing progressive small employers with the tools to build a safe, inclusive workplace.

The firm had never worked with professional law firm marketing, law firm public relations, or a webmaster who specializes in the needs of lawyers and law firms. No law school in Canada or lawyers’ association teaches law firm marketing.

But Sarah had a goal to build and grow a successful new law firm in Hamilton. In fact, she wants to build the best employment law firm west of Toronto’s Bay Street. She also knew she needed help and hired The Legal A Team in February 2019.

Molyneaux Law faces many of the same challenges as other solo and very small firms: how to develop a client list and a book of business. Getting work from the law firm’s target markets would be critical.

As the “new kid on the block,” the Molyneaux Law website did not rank well and had competition from both Hamilton employment law firms as well as some of the larger employment firms in Toronto. We needed a strategy to combat this.

Molyneaux Law had an existing website, but it was not built on keywords. As a result, the firm got zero leads from their website—a huge missed opportunity, but one that could be fixed over time.


The Legal A Team worked with Molyneaux Law to write a law firm business plan that would attract the attention of 1) people in Hamilton who had been fired or let go from jobs and 2) unions that they wanted to work with.

Once the business plan was in place, we added a public relations plan to get Molyneaux Law published in important legal and local media. 

Sarah started blogging early and kept it up. Google values this and rewards it with better rankings. The Legal A Team works with Molyneaux Law to identify timely and useful blog topics to attract prospects.

At the same time, Sarah is active on social media and Tweets every day. She is not shy about sharing her opinions on controversial topics, such as LGBTQ issues, Hamilton’s high hate crime rate, and employment laws that need changing.  


The Legal A Team approached The Lawyer’s Daily about Sarah Molyneaux and Roberto Henriquez becoming regular contributors to this important legal publication.


Read Sarah Molyneaux's Lawyer's Daily archive.


Read Roberto Henriquez's Lawyer's Daily archive.


Publishing in mainstream media helps your online reputation, helps with referrals from other lawyers, and helps to increase your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) with both links and clicks from prospects.

The Legal A Team also makes recommendations on which news topics and important issues Molyneaux Law should weigh in on by way of Op-Ed articles. To-date, both employment lawyers have published Op-Ed articles,

Read Sarah Molyneaux's article in The Hamilton Spectator.

Read Roberto Henriquez's article in The Hamilton Spectator.

The Legal A Team did research in Google Keywords, then made recommendations on which ones to go with, then re-wrote much of the website to optimize it for organic SEO. Now, about one year later, Molyneaux Law rankings on Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP) have improved significantly.


For the first time in summer 2019, Molyneaux Law was getting prospective clients to call or email directly from their website—a first. 


Molyneaux Law has unofficially adopted the iconic "Rosie the Riveter" image as its mascot. J. Howard Miller’s ‘We Can Do It!’ poster for Westinghouse Electric, aimed at boosting morale among the company’s workers in the war effort later associated with ‘Rosie the Riveter’, the wartime personification of a strong female war production worker. 

Read more about "Rosie the Riveter" on the History Channel. 

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