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Learn about law firm marketing and law firm public relations, by reading The Legal A Team's insight and commentary

More than 50 free articles on law firm marketing, law firm turnarounds, law firm public relations, hiring associates, creating law firm websites, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for law firms. Lots of "how to" articles with practical tips. Free. 

Jana Schilder wrote 18 modules for Lexis Practice Advisor Canada on law firm public relations including: how to write news releases, how to organize news conferences, how to handle media interviews with working journalists; tips for dressing for television interview; and how to craft "sound bites." Monthly subscription to Lexis Practice Advisor (LPA) needed. Free trial available. 

The Legal A Team's Jana Schilder writes for lawyers and law firms in The Lawyer's Daily, published by LexisNexis Canada. Find articles about law firm management, law firm turnarounds, and law firm public relations based on more than three decades of experience. Subscription required;  2-week free trial available.

Interesting, educational, quirky, and fun articles on law firm marketing and law firm public relations by Jana Schilder of The Legal A Team. Free. 

Jana Schilder, of The Legal A Team, writes for law office managers on law firm marketing, law firm turnarounds, and legal public relations.

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A number of The Legal A Team clients provide easy to understand legal answers on more than 2,100 Canadian legal topics, totalling more than 2 million legal searches annually. is a federal non-profit organization.

How to get quoted in the media on a shoestring budget

RECORDED:  September 23, 2014
SPONSORS: and The Rainmaker Retreat 


You will learn:


  • How reporters, editors and producers think—and how to take advantage of it.

  • How to introduce yourself to media to start a relationship.

  • How to find publications that will accept an article that you wrote.

  • What are Op-Ed articles? And how you can write one?

  • How to write Letters to the Editor that get published.

  • How to leverage community access television.

  • How to network with reporters to cultivate the relationship. (Media relations is NOT speed dating!)

CLICK HERE to launch the webinar (1 hour)

What is Media Relations? And how can it help your law firm?*


RECORDED: July 23, 2014

SPONSOR: Amicus Attorney - Gavel and Gown Software


In this primer on Media Relations for lawyers and law firms, The Legal A Team Co-founder Jana Schilder talks about:  

  • Media Relations as a reputational tool;

  • Benefits of Media Relations;

  • Basic Media Relations concepts;

  • Parallels of Media Relations and Law;  

  • Current media trends;  

  • Tools that Media Relations practitioners use;  

  • Differences between doing Media Relations in the United States and Canada;

  • Two client Case Studies;  

  • Media Relations compared with Marketing and Advertising;  and

  • Dovetailing Media Relations and Social Media. 


* No one visits websites, reads newspapers, watches TV, or listens to the radio for the Advertising. Editorial opportunities are engineered by Media Relations. 

CLICK HERE to launch the webinar (1 hour)

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