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Cytelligence Inc.

Marketing, Branding & Public Relations Fast-Track Cyber Security Start-up 

Cytelligence is a boutique cyber security firm specializing in responding to cyber breaches, security consulting, and digital forensics. Cytelligence frequently works with the Top 20 law firms on Toronto's Bay Street as well as the highest profile cyber breaches in the news headlines. 


Cytelligence Inc. is a marketing, branding, and public relations client of The Legal A Team. 

Cytelligence was started in June 2016 by cyber security expert Daniel Tobok, who also serves as the company's CEO and chief media spokesperson.

When the company was being launched, three of the central marketing and branding questions were:

1) What do we stand for?
2) What is our positioning in the market?
3) How are we different from our competitors?

The marketing brand that Cytelligence wanted to create was: heavy-hitting, progressive, and one that can deliver for clients, starting with the logo, inspired by the Central Intelligence Agency's famous insignia. The company's name, Cytelligence, is rooted in both cyber security and intelligence services. The CIA-inspired logo was created in the client's preferred colours of blue and orange. 

Next, The Legal A Team came up with the marketing tagline: "The elite force of global cyber security." This was a nod to the highly specialized and highly trained special forces SWAT teams that served as the operating model for Cytelligence, that regularly negotiate ransoms with cybercriminals using cryptocurrencies, among other cyber activities. 

Lack of education and awareness of how cyber security works, as well as computer and human vulnerabilities are what cyber criminals are counting on. Next came the brand values: very serious, highly experienced, proactive, and educational. Therefore, the brand values are reflected in Cytelligence's aggressive public speaking program to industry associations in Canada and the United States as well as large corporations that are supported by speeches, presentations, speaking notes, and practical Tip Sheets for clients.

In 18 months, Cytelligence's marketing and public relations has catapulted the cyber security company to prominence not only in Toronto, but across Ontario as well as throughout Canada. 


Cyber security expert Daniel Tobok has become the go-to interview source when cyber breaches are in the news including computer viruses, worms, ransomware, and the hacking of the 2016 U.S. election. In calendar 2017 alone, Mr. Tobok was interviewed on the CTV News, Global News, CityTV, BNN, 680 News, and SiriusXM radio multiple times. In total, Cytelligence gets about 60 media interviews per year

One of the highlights of Cytelligence's media coverage in May 2017 was a 9-page article in Report on Business Magazine


By early 2018, the company had mushroomed to 70-plus cyber security experts and investigators. You can never be too rich, too thin, or have too much cyber security. 

Relentless Results.™
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