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Brian Kilgore, Law Firm Public Relations  

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Law Firm Public Relations Leadership

At The Legal A Team, Brian Kilgore plays an over-arching role, assisting with and reviewing law firm marketing and law firm public relations plans and progress for most clients. In addition, his specialties include:


Media Training - He plays a central role in Media Training, helping clients understand how the media works. He understands the soul of journalists, the workings of a newsroom, the importance of "sound bites," the impact of photographs, the importance of answering the question asked, and why some media stories have so much sticking power, and more. 

Crisis Management - When you find your law firm (or a client of your law firm) in the news headlines for all the wrong reasons, you need Crisis Managment. When law firm marketing and law firm public relations clients need crisis managment, Brian Kilgore is a Crisis Management expert. 

For 40 years, Brian Kilgore has successfully managed a variety of crises—from political to social to corporate—that have neutralized initial negativity and set the organization on a path of re-establishing its reputation. Brian takes the lead and uses law firm crisis management to help salvage law firm reputations.

Community Relations - For those law firms that want to establish grassroots connections in the communities where they operate, Community Relations is a great option. The number of worthy social causes is endless and the need for community relations and support has never been greater. Brian Kilgore can help you develop a community relations marketing program that gives your law firm a winning edge over your competition. He has created dozens of community relations programs over his 40-year law firm public relations career.


Brian Kilgore is also skilled at negotiating with federal, provincial, and municipal governments to advance the reputation of The Legal A Team clients. 


Law Firm Public Relations​ Excellence


Brian Kilgore has been a public relations professional for more than 40 years. He has always been interested in the law. His grandfather was a probate judge; he has been working in law firm public relations since the early 1970s when he helped Ian Outerbridge explain details of a criminal case to reporters covering the trial. He covered Bill Davis when he was education minister, and provided advice to, and wrote speeches for, George Kerr when he was Solicitor General.

He's written for Premiers from Brian Peckford in the east to Alan Blakeney and Peter Lougheed in the west.

He collaborated with Canadian Bar Association president Thomas G. Heintzman in a ground-breaking speech in 1994 about Access to Justice, before it was a hit parade topic. It was the first speech delivered in the Lobby of The Supreme Court of Canada, in Ottawa.

In the business world, his most important speeches focussed on the transition from analog to digital technology, delivered by leaders at Northern Telecom, led by Walter F. Light.

He was with Burson-Marsteller, the largest global public relations agency, when providing strategic communication advice to Fasken & Calvin and Martineau Walker during their 1989 merger.


He has been a newspaper reporter, magazine editor, editorial photographer, and corporate Public Relations executive or PR counsel with many of Canada's leading organizations. He helped turn Northern Electric into Northern Telecom and become publicly traded. He ran Public Affairs as CN Telecommunications and CP Telecommunications become one company. He was a journalist for Irving family newspapers, The Globe and Mail, Maclean Hunter, Thomson Newspapers [now Thomson-Reuters], and The Toronto Star.

He's a past president of the Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS) Toronto Chapter, 1989-1990, and has written widely on public relations. He helped to set the Public Relations exam for professional accreditation in Canada, for the APR designation, and is past ethics and By-Laws officer for CPRS.

His own company's name, Consolidated Diversified, represents the bringing together—the consolidation—of lessons learned and taught for decades. This experience—diversified—is based on working with a huge range of clients and organizations spanning four decades. Bagels to brokerage. Telephones to tourism. Lawyers to lobsters.

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